The Center of Attraction
and the main event venue
The sports complex was built specifically for the 22nd Olympic Games in 1980. The opening day of the Olympics in Moscow, July 19, also became the official birthday of the Olimpiyskiy complex
The Olimpiyskiy complex consisted of a swimming pool and a large indoor arena, which could be transformed into separate venues for competitions. The new Olimpiyskiy will have 15 swimming pools, including ones for major international events
The iconic music group SPACE gave a serie of sold–out concerts in the USSR, including 8 on the stage of Olimpiyskiy. After the re-opening, a large concert hall will be realized in the complex, which will become the center of the entertainment industry in Moscow
The sports complex was available for both professional athletes and amateurs involved in different sports and physical activity all year round. It was usually a venue for hockey and football. There will be even more sports in new Olimpiyskiy – more than 100 venues will be presented in total
It was from this year that world-famous rock bands began giving concerts at Olimpiyskiy: Uriah Heep, Status Quo, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Nazareth and many other
The sports complex was home to the Kremlin Cup, annual international tennis tournament. In total, about 15 sports could be practiced at Olimpisykiy. The functionality will be expanded after reconstruction - more than 40 sports will be available to visitors
Throughout its history, Olimpiyskiy has hosted many music concerts, awards, and festivals. And in 2009, the 54th Eurovision Song Contest was held here for the first time in the history of Russia. 42 countries took part in the competition
Olimpiyskiy hosted iconic fights such as Fedor Emelianenko vs American legend Jeff Monson, the M-1 tournament and others
The history of country's past 40 years can be reflected through various events held here since 1980. In 2019, Olimpiyskiy was closed for further reconstruction
The Concept

Olimpiysky is a project of an integrated multifunctional ecosystem that includes sports and leisure, as well as culture, entertainment and retail. Visitors will have unprecedented access to services and opportunities, all under one roof

of the complex
The architectural concept combines the innovative spirit and dynamics of modern urban life, creating a unique and compelling architectural environment
From the globally renowned creators
The reconstruction of Olimpiyskiy is one of the largest projects currently being carried out in Russia. Leading specialists and international architectural bureaus are involved in the implementation of this significant project. The landmark project is carried out entirely using BIM technologies
Volume, movement, and unity
The new facade solutions unite the two buildings into one architectural volume through a 1-km long panoramic running track and a bridge with a media roof, which together are shaped as an infinity sign. The running track embodies movement as a source of continuous development and unity of the two main components of the complex: culture and sports
Bionic shapes and glazing
The smooth, flowing forms of the decorative shell of facades and supporting arched structures form a futuristic look of the buildings, and the large glazing area provides a flow of natural light and an inextricable connection with the environment
Materials and exclusive production
The complex facade design will be made of high-tech construction material in a special robotic workshop. The use of exclusive materials makes it possible to achieve a unique architectural design, as well as wavy shapes of an openwork decorative shell
Buildings united by a stylobate,
parking and a system of passages
Parking slots
Small Concert Hall OLIMPIYSKIY Main Building Sports & Recreation Center Aquatic Center Shchepkina St. Olimpiyskiy Prospekt
Aquatic Center
The infrastructure covers not only previously presented sports, but new disciplines as well. The complex includes swimming and diving Olympic pools with seating, which will allow hosting world-class competitions.
15 pools
  • Three 50-meter pools
  • Three 25-meter, incl. diving pools
  • Nine recreation and children’s pools
Water amusement and family leisure park
  • Water slides and other attractions
  • A surfing center with straight and round waves
  • Beach family recreation areas;
Sports and fitness facilities
  • Choreography and dry swimming halls
  • Trampoline hall
  • Gym
  • Fencing hall
  • Table tennis hall
  • Golf simulators
  • Martial arts
  • Streetball
  • Fitness Club
  • Thermae & Spa
  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach soccer
  • Running track

Main building
Main Building
The main building accommodating sites of socio-cultural significance. Retail spaces and atriums impress with the aesthetics of the interiors and high quality of the tenants. An open walking area on the roof – Olimpiyskiy Boulevard – around which a ring of panoramic restaurants are circling.
Concert cluster
  • Concert transformer hall housing up to 12 000 people
  • Running track
  • Cinema cluster with 8 halls, including premiere and arthouse ones
  • Children’s development and game centers
  • Activity centers
  • Food court
  • Food market
  • Panoramic restaurants
Shopping cluster
  • Golden gallery
  • Stores and brand zones
  • Service operators
  • Service centers

Sports & Recreation Center
Sports & Recreation Center
A true place of power for sport and a healthy lifestyle admirers, which will allow customers to engage in their favorite kind of physical activity at any time of the year.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics and choreography hall
  • Gymnastics hall
  • Tennis (3 courts)
  • Ice field for hockey and figure skating
  • Curling (7 lanes)
  • Martial arts center (wrestling, boxing, MMA, etc.)
  • Gym
  • Badminton (2 courts)
  • Padel tennins (2 courts)
  • Squash (7 cabins)
  • Yoga studio
  • Versatile team sports hall
  • Multipurpose sports hall

Small Concert Hall
Small Concert Hall
Small concert hall for&various cultural, entertainment, business and sports events.
  • Hall for concerts, artistic performances and water shows
  • Spaces for business events
Aquatic Center
After the reconstruction is completed, the previously existing sports infrastructure will not only be preserved, but significantly expanded by more than three times
  • 40+sports
  • +100sports grounds
Swimming and jumping pools with bleachers will will fully comply with the rules and regulations of FINA for holding Moscow, All-Russian and international water sports competitions in indoor swimming pools
  • 2 poolsfor top-level competitions
  • 4000seating capacity
The ultra-modern transforming hall will carry on the traditions of concerts and entertainment events
  • 12 000 peoplehall capacity
The project that has no analogues both in Russia and in Europe. In addition to unique water attractions, it will include a surf center, play areas and a cafe for family holidays and celebrations
  • 47 000 m2park area
  • 13water slides
An unparalleled outdoor walking area at a height of 55 meters
  • 500 мin length
A modern megaplex with 8 halls, including premiere and arthouse screenings. To ensure the highest coverage of audience preferences, children’s, regular and VIP halls will be available
  • 8halls
A unique indoor running track overlooking Moscow, exactly 1 km long and 41 m above the ground, will connect the main building of OLIMPIYSKIY with the Aquatic Center
  • 360°view of Moscow
  • 1 kmtrack
The 72-meter escalator with panoramic windows will lift the audience to a height of 41 meters: directly to the main concert hall
  • 72 mescalator length
  • 360°glazing
38 moving restaurants with a picturesque view of Moscow will allow you to make a full turn around Olimpiyskiy Boulevard on the roof of the main building
  • 38restaurants
  • 360°view of Moscow
The unique shopping space will be located above the first level of the main building present a collection of jewelry from leading manufacturers and private artisans of Russia and around the world
  • 150+brands
  • 20+countries
Personal transport

Proximity to 4 key transport routes of Moscow (Garden Ring, Third Ring Road, Olimpiyskiy Prospekt, Prospekt Mira)

Public transport

Within walking distance of 6 metro stations and 14 public transport routes that allow you to arrive at the Complex without a personal car

Proximity to the downtown business district, historic center and tourist routes leads to a large number of traffic sources:

  • High-quality office centers:

    Diamond Hall, Etmia II-III, Olympic Plaza 1-2, Olympic Hall, Garden Mir, Chaika Plaza, Gilyarovsky Business Center, Shchepkinsky Business Center, Troitsky Business Center, etc.

  • Buildings of government agencies and state-owned companies

    the Ministry of Energy, Roscosmos, Moscow Metro, etc.

  • Hotels

    Radisson Blu, Azimut Hotel, Slavyanka, etc.

  • Large medical institutions, universities

    and other social facilities build up additional pedestrian traffic near the Complex

44 million people
population of target reach area of the Complex
2 million

people live within 15-minutes by car

180 thds

vehicles pass by the Complex every day

190 thds

people passenger flow of Metro stations within walking distance

of gravity

New architectural landmark

Landmark sports competitions

Iconic concerts and vibrant cultural events

One of the key gastro tour points in Moscow

Unique Water Amusement Park

Premiere screenings and film festivals

For tenants
Become a part
of the new
Olimpiyskiy project

Our goal is —to offer visitors an unparalleled customer experience and vivid impressions

Therefore, we are already starting to form a pool of strategic partners who will become a harmonious part of the new point of attraction on the map of Moscow

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